Detox Foot-Spa

detox voetbad1In our daily life we are exposed to toxins by the air we breathe and the food we digest. Detoxing is therefore a necessary and regular process that takes place 24 hours a day inside our body. Our liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin dispose of toxins the natural way. However, sometimes our body is so full of toxins that the normal system does not suffice anymore. Complaints like fatigue, headache, bad skin or body odor, bloated belly, and lack of energy are indicators that the body needs help to detox.

A series of Detox Foot-Spa treatments can help to cleanse the body on a deep level.

How does it work?
The principle of detoxing via the feet is simple: you relax with your feet in warm water with added salt and a small electric current creates a bio-magnetic field to activate the lymphatic system. And within minutes you see the water react and get darker in colour. This is partly because of the minerals in the water and partly because of the toxins that are release through the soles of the feet. During and after the session it is important to drink lots of water and herbal tea to enhance the process. You will feel relaxed and “clean” on the level of the connective tissue underneath your skin.

How often can you use the  Detox Foot-Spa?
You will have the best results with a series of 2 sessions a week and in combination with a detox diet. We provide 10-session cards at a special price.

Note: The Detox Foot Spa is not a replacement for a medical treatment. Please consult your doctor if you have serious medical issues. The Detox Foot Spa cannot be used during pregnancy, or if you have open wounds, metal implants or a pacemaker.