Access Bars®

Wouldn’t you like to close your eyes for about an hour and, not only comfortably relax, but know as well that you really get more space in your head? And more clarity? With all the positive consequences for your complete well-being?

That is what happens during an Access Bars® session.

How can this be? 

Like a computer automatically starts up all kinds of programs when switched on, we also have several programs that run automatically in the background. We are not always aware of this. The mental-emotional programs are mostly created in the first years of our life by the influence of family, society, culture and religion. The majority of our current limiting thought patterns and beliefs originate here.

Your body sorts thoughts, ideas and beliefs forward to specific points on your head. Just like you sort documents forward to specific folders on a computer. These points on your head (there are 32 of them) are called the “Bars” and include various areas of life. The most known are health, money, control, relationships, sexuality, creativity and communication.

Holding these “Bars” softly with conscious intention is similar to cleaning up and remove unwanted programs, documents, cookies and spam. Limiting thought patterns with their associated emotions from the various areas of life, are removed from your body.

This creates greater calm, space and thereby clarity in your head. Situations in which change is necessary or desirable, begin to alter.

What does a session look like?

You just lie down, simply with your clothes on. During the session, which takes one hour, all 32 Bars points are treated. You don’t need to tell your story or do anything, because your body picks up the process on its own and knows exactly what is needed. By repeating the sessions, the results expand automatically.


You can at any time of your life benefit from this method. Regardless of circumstances or stage of life. When your head asks for calm and clarity. When you want more ease and flow in your life.

Experiences the days and weeks after the session:

I was stalling some difficult decisions and after the session I was able to decide on most of them in one week”…

all of a sudden I heard myself speak out what was bothering me, while I formerly never dared“…

almost unnoticed, all kinds of things have started to work out well again in my life, only by looking back on the past few weeks, this became very clear” …