Hot Stone massage

Treatments with stones come from ancient traditions where stones were used in bath houses to heat baths and to give massages. A number of Indian tribes as well as Eastern peoples too used stones for meditation, rituals, massages and healing practices.
At the Hara Center you have a choice of two different Stone massages:

Hot Stone Massage
Warm basalt stones, which are good energy conductors, are put on the body to warm and relax the body. The combination of warm stones and gentle massage techniques leave you totally relaxed. Different stones are used to reinforce the treatment and the application of heat has relaxing effects on the body. The massage touches deeper dimensions of relaxation, good health and well-being in line with the ‘body, mind and spirit’ philosophy. A Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing treatment that allows you to re-connect to your true self.
A Hot stone massage is:

  • relaxating
  • meditative
  • an aid for detoxing
  • a truly spiritual experience
  • a gift for your Self

yellow heart stonesJade Stone massage
A Jade stone massage works with warm yellow Jade gemstones.  Jade is a cleansing, healing and protecting stone and radiates harmony and balance. It connects to the Heart chakra and balances the whole chakra system. A Jade stone massage:

  • Restores vitality and joy for life
  • Cleanses the aura from negative influences
  • Stimulates creativity and mental flexibility

Choose the Stone massage that best suits you at this moment in your life and enjoy the benefits!