Ayurvedic Foot massage


Ayurvedic (Kansa Vatki) foot massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment which helps to balance body, mind and spirit. This unique treatment, steeped in centuries of ceremony, begins by cleansing the feet and legs, followed by relaxing foot and leg moves. Then, slowly and methodically the toes, feet, ankles and calves are encouraged to relax through the application of massage techniques carried out with the aid of ghee (clarified butter), coconut or other oils.

The particularity of the treatment is the use of a small 3-metal Kansa Vatki bowl to rub onto and stimulate the feet. The 3 metals used are copper, zinc and tin. Copper is thought to help in reducing pain and inflammation, zinc is thought to help in proper functioning of the immune system and digestion while tin is believed to be helpful in digestion, relieving headaches and insomnia.

Marma (acupressure) massage is then performed to work on specific marma (energy) points. There are 107 main Marma pressure points around the body, 14 of which can be found on the lower legs and feet. Working these points can help to free the energy flow in the whole body.

The treatment can be taken alone, or is ideal if combined with a full body treatment.

Benefits of Kansa Vatki

  • relaxes tired feet
  • improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • enhance joint mobility in the lower limbs
  • helps to detoxify the internal organs
  • helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • calms the body
  • restores and balances the body’s innate energy

This massage is not only deeply relaxing, but also highly revitalizing for tired feet and legs and while it is good for everyone, it is particularly appreciated by those who spend long time on their feet.