Geke Geesje Eisinga

Therapist, Healer, Coach, Lightworker
Founder and director Handsatwork & Hara Center
T: 06-51776196

After my education in marketing and communication I worked for years in International companies. Always travelling around the world, with lots of jetlag and stress, and no time for myself, family or friends. And, even though I had a successful career, I felt that  something essential was missing. I wanted to contribute to the world and help people. So I changed my path and studied Natural and Oriental health techniques, such as Reiki, Shiatsu therapy, Cranio Sacral therapy, and many massage- and coaching techniques. I worked abroad in several Spa’s and health clinics.

In 2000 I founded HandsatWork with the aim to offer natural Vitality programs in a professional way to companies. In 2007 we added the Hara Center in The Hague to offer a wide variety of Health & vitality programs for individuals.

My speciality is Cranio sacral therapy, a gentle technique to heal trauma’s and emotional issues. I am a certified Naturopath, Theta Healer, Shiatsu therapist, Access Bars facilitator, and Reiki Master. I use my knowledge of Quantum physics, Epigenetics, the power of Self healing and many other techniques in helping you with life’s challenges. I am a facilitator for:

  • Detox & body toning
  • Health & vitality
  • Awareness & spiritual growth
  • Life questions & healing