Theta Healing

foto 5Theta Healing is a powerful method to help you remove blockages in order to make changes in your life. Think of fears or persistent and annoying behaviour patterns, which you would like to eliminate. You can literally rewrite your life pattern. Have you ever asked yourself what lies behind these negative patterns in your life? Whether they are financial or health problems or challenges in relationships, we tend to remain stuck in the same pattern. Theta Healing supports you in letting go of the energy behind these patterns so that you can master your own energy matrix. Theta Healing consists of three phases:

  • Identifying: identifying the pattern
  • Neutralizing: using opposite patterns to neutralize
  • Transforming: creating new patterns to underpin what you are trying to achieve or create in your life

Theta Healing uses a combination of techniques to optimally aide you in this. Several sessions may be needed to alter patterns permanently.  Theta Healing can be used to eliminate undesirable habits or behaviour patterns, such as:

  • Negative behaviour: problems in communications, relationships, trust, negative self-image, lack of self-worth, addictions
  • Fears: fear of flying, fear of heights, claustrophobia, hypochondria
  • Depression
  • Physical complaints